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Ever wonder what some real-life results are for companies who invest in retargeting as a proactive, long-term strategy to drive site traffic and online sales? We have the perfect case study to share with you, featuring the success of Total Wine & More and their partnership with ReTargeter!

Total Wine & More is America’s largest independent retailer of fine wine, with over 130 superstores across the country. In addition to their brick-and-mortar locations, Total Wine & More runs a fast-growing e-Commerce storefront.

Total Wine & More’s digital marketing team enlisted the help of ReTargeter in the Spring of 2014, and ever since then they have continued to leverage retargeting as a proactive, long-term strategy to drive site traffic and online sales.


The Bottom Line

While in-store sales are consistently the biggest revenue generator for all alcohol retailers, consumer buying trends have shifted and Total Wine has increased their focus on e-Commerce. ReTargeter works directly with Total Wine’s digital marketing team to analyze opportunities and offer online solutions. The retargeting strategy has most recently shifted to a focus on CRM and Abandoned Cart retargeting, while continuing to invest in creative assets to provide a personalized shopper experience. With these changes, Total Wine’s bottom line is benefiting from a direct impact.


Sustainable Results

Total Wine’s priorities have evolved over the two-year partnership, and ReTargeter has shifted their strategy to accommodate their business goals. The length of their partnership has allowed both companies to explore innovative solutions to grow Total Win & More’s e-Commerce business, and the results are impressive. To learn more about the Total Wine & More success story with ReTargeter, you can download the full case study.


Results at a Glance

Through their partnership with ReTargeter, Total Wine & More has seen the following measurable results:



Increase in Revenue


Average Click Through Rate


Lifetime Return on Ad Spend

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