Post-view conversions are often undervalued. Find out why post-view conversions are so important to your advertising campaign. 

Most advertisers only focus on the most direct conversions (post-click) and aren’t eager to attribute post-view conversions to their retargeting efforts. This is short-sighted, however, as there is tremendous value in identifying an assist percentage of conversions. 

In display advertising, views do matter. When you’re on a page, you’re reading through content and an ad catches your eye. This is very different from paid search, where you’re intentionally searching for a term to click on. 

Programmatic media works through optimization, and retargeting campaigns are facilitated via programmatic media technology – essentially the stock market for advertising. Optimizations are made based on logical, subjective observations, but there’s also a large component of optimization that is facilitated through algorithms to determine which users (out of the universe of users that are being targeted) are most likely to convert. 


Find out what you need to know about Post-View Conversions for your e-Commerce advertising campaign. Read the rest of this article over at ReTargeter. 


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