Are chatbots better than an actual website? No, but a recent case study on Kia is a model for why you may want to add a chatbot into your e-Commerce marketing mix.

Did you know that Kia has over 800 websites where a customer can find out information regarding purchasing one of their cars? That’s an amazing amount of domain space to occupy, and websites to manage!

To simplify the information process, Kia launched “Kian”, a Facebook Messenger and chatbot, top provide a direct source for all the information users may be searching for on Kia vehicles. In the four months since its launch, Kia has gotten triple the conversions through Kian than through its main website, Kia.com.

Conversion rates through Kian have held at 21 percent, while conversions via Kia.com are at 7 percent. That’s an amazing increase in conversion rate with the addition of Kian!

Better Engagement

With the help of Kian, customers aren’t shying away from asking questions. With Kian, there has been an increase in engagement, and Kian has exchanged more than 600,000 messages resulting in 50 times more engagement through messenger.

When comparing Kia’s website to other automotive websites, they are all very similar. There are some shopping tools showcased, vehicle configuration tools, and all of the same general information regarding vehicle specs. Overall, it’s a lot of information for consumers to sort through, which can be overwhelming because cars are big purchases.

Better Targeting

Kian simplifies customer’ searches and provides better customer analytics for Kia. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, Kia can pull out key insights. Which can then be used for retargeting. With the chatbot platform, Kia can overlay machine learning models on top of analytics. This allows them to identify specific cohorts of people who exhibit similar behaviors with the help of the overlay.

In other terms, Kia now has the ability to reach customers based on their actual wants, giving the customer the right message at the right time to the right person.

Better Bottom Line

Kian is also helping Kia save money. The chatbot allows users to ask questions in real time and respond 24/7 without the investment in pricey infrastructure to increase call centers and customers support services. While Kia has not disclosed just how much Kian is helping them save, the dollar amount is most likely very substantial.

Chatbot technology is becoming more important across all lines of business, including e-Commerce. With 24/7 support available with chatbots, and the ability to keep information centralized, companies are investing in chatbots to keep business running and to increase customer experience. When developing a chatbot for your e-Commerce business, we highly recommend putting the human touch in their responses with a little empathy for better results!

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