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While Amazon is poised to become a major media business, thanks to its treasure trove of customer buying data, they are weak in metrics.

As the whole world knows by now, Amazon is more than just an e-Commerce channel. Not only do they dominate the e-Commerce sector, but they also hold space in consumer electronics, digital content, video, cloud storage, web services, and a whole slew of additional offerings.

And while customers are consuming all of Amazon’s product offerings and browsing on their website, Amazon is tracking every move of their 6.9 million unique visitors. This data is what fuels Amazon Marketing Services, allowing advertisers to reach an enormous amount of people in one place.

But Amazon Marketing Services has a metrics problem.


Lack of Support

If you are looking for the same kind of support at Amazon that you get from other advertising channels, think again. Amazon Marketing Services runs as lean as possible, and their ultimate goal is to automate everything to make the platform “self-serve” for their clients.


Lack of Metrics

While we all know that Amazon has tons of data, providing it to you is not on their to-do list. To successfully advertise with Amazon Marketing Services, you must build your own capability to own your data or find someone (or a service) who can do it. You cannot rely on Amazon for all of your data needs, as you will not get the data that you want.

This is where ConversionPoint’s Omni can save the day with all of your Amazon marketing needs!


Meet Omni

Omni is designed for you to easily build engaging product experiences and gives you a consolidated platform to organize, design, publish, and measure the success of your product content across all of your retail channels, including Amazon.

To implement a strategic approach to your Amazon ad spend, it is essential to have the right tool to give you essential information like return on ad spend, current budget, and performance based on ad type. ConversionPoint’s Omni gives you a one stop shop for a successful Amazon ad strategy.

Interested in learning how ConversionPoint Technologies can help your Amazon ad strategy? Connect with a member of our Omni team.

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