• Attention e-Commerce Companies: Is your Ad Retargeting GDPR Compliant?

With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement a few months away, ensure your ad retargeting is gaining consumer consent.

Fact: the enforcement of GDPR will change ad retargeting as we know it.

With internet browsers already making moves against ad tracking, ad retargeting is having to make some adaptations. The biggest one on everyone’s mind is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect this May.

If you do business in the EU, GDPR enforcement is something you’ll want to pay attention to specifically around email marketing and ad retargeting. In a new move, GDPR enforcement will require ad retargeters to gain consent from users to track their digital browsing behaviors.

What Does GDPR Require?

The GDPR requires that personal data only be used with explicit permission from users. As GDPR enforcement demands that personal data, including all data collected through cookies, can only be used with explicit consent from individuals the ad retargeting industry is in its crosshairs.

Third-party data will become less accessible because of GDPR, which could potentially limit the ability for digital marketers to find high-value audiences based on third-party data collection. To further complicate this new mandate, unclear guidance on the finer GDPR points, like when and how consent is to be obtained and updates, have kept digital advertisers in a holding pattern for most of 2017.

Browser Crackdown + GDPR = Two-Front War

With browsers cracking down on data tracking, and the imminent enforcement of GDPR, this has become an opportunity for retargeters to shift and look at new technology advancements and practices.

Current in-browser message permissions are now being used to obtain informed consent to track browser data. This will have to evolve even more as GDPR goes into full effect.

If you sell products or conduct business in Europe, make sure questions and a plan are being formulated around GDPR enforcement and whatever remarketing solution you are using is taking into account these regulation changes.

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