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Consumers are turning to Amazon for information & inspiration with high intent for purchase.

So, you want to buy something, and you know what you are looking for. If you are like most shoppers out there (a whopping 72%, that is), you are doing the majority of your pre-purchase research on Amazon.

Amazon has gotten SO spot on with search results that more than half of online shoppers are skipping Google altogether. Sit with that for a minute because it is massive!

Why? Because the value is in the information consumers can get. By searching on Amazon, not only can you research all of the specifications for a particular product (will it fit?!), but you can also read reviews from buyers and make product comparisons.

The likelihood that you are doing most of your initial product research on Amazon is likely pretty high. It’s just a fact – most consumers are either starting or ending up there for their purchase research.

As a brand, agency or advertiser with a product to sell via e-Commerce, doesn’t it make sense for you to advertise your products on Amazon for brand discovery? We think so, and here is why.

The Amazon Experience

Amazon ‘permeates the consumer journey’ when users are searching for product information. Not only can you research the product and the specifications, but you can also verify information found on other websites, compare prices, and conduct side-by-side comparisons to similar products.

Interesting Finds

Amazon has a special section, updated daily, called Interesting Finds. What is it? Pretty much an online look-book for product discovery based on cool categories. By displaying your e-Commerce store’s hidden gems and using Amazon for product discovery, you can significantly increase your bottom line by making YOUR products discoverable.

Gift Ideas Galore

Not sure what to buy someone? Amazon always has a handy list for you to view for the perfect product recommendations.. Could your product be on the next hot Birthday Gift list?

How Do You Break Through the Competition?

How do you get your products to be discoverable on Amazon? There’s a lot of competition to get one of Amazon’s recommended product spots. It comes down to good content and strategy. One of ConversionPonit’s companies, Sellpoints, has a fantastic platform in OMNI that not only uploads and manages your media content for Amazon Ads, but it also helps design, publish with ease, and measure the engagement and performance of your product discovery ads.

The Bottom Line

If you have an e-Commerce store, you cannot afford to pass up advertising on Amazon. The biggest takeaway is that Amazon’s emerging dominance is driving shoppers to search for information or look for inspiration with strong purchase intent. In short, Amazon optimization could be equally, if not more, important as Google optimization in the near future.

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