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Article originally published in Digital Commerce 360.

ConversionPoint Technologies Inc. has bought Sellpoints Inc., a vendor that helps merchants attract targeted traffic to their e-commerce sites.

Sellpoints says it leverages consumer behavior data to help big brands sell more online. It aims to help retailers attract shoppers via SEO and pay per click and retargeting advertising and then shows visitors media and site content tailored for each specific shopper. It also aims to help merchants drive down the cost to acquire a customers and to boost customer lifetime value.

“Combining our expertise in the retail e-commerce channel with ConversionPoint’s other cross-channel technologies will allow our clients to make the most of every customer interaction,” says Brian O’Keefe, CEO of Sellpoints.

IBM Corp.’s machine learning Watson technology is an investor in Sellpoints. Watson is a computer that builds upon advances in artificial intelligence so that it can engage in dialogue with people, learning over time how to improve its answers and its conversation skills, according to IBM. IBM Watson helps Sellpoints’ clients better understand individual shopper preferences and intent.

ConversionPoint Technologies says it plans to use Sellpoints to round out its e-commerce technology offerings for merchants and brands to help them sell direct to consumer and across other websites such as Amazon.com Inc.’s online marketplace, as well as to help online retailers lower customer acquisition costs and better compete with Amazon (No. 1).

Sellpoints has 24 retail clients in the Internet Retailer Top 1000, according to the 2017 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000. Its investors include Menlo Ventures, Granite Ventures and IBM, all of which are ConversionPoint shareholders.

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