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Launching a marketing campaign for your e-Commerce business isn’t rocket science. But, it does require that you put some thought into what is being marketed and how exactly it’s done.

Not all marketing campaigns are successful, but the following tips are always part of the formula for successful campaigns.

Be Original

No one likes a copycat. While other marketing campaigns can certainly serve as inspiration, it’s important for your e-Commerce marketing campaign to retain its originality. Want to draw the most customers and followers possible? Come up with a catchy slogan for customers to remember your brand.

If you are having trouble coming up with original content ideas, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a professional who specializes in marketing.

Tap into Social Media

These days, e-Commerce heavily relies on the power of social media. Updating your social media platforms with regular, consistent updates not only increases brand awareness but also builds trust.

First and foremost, you should be sure to check all of your social media profiles to ensure that profile photos and descriptions are consistent across all platforms. Secondly, get ready to post regularly throughout your campaign to spread your message to the masses. And lastly, take advantage of social advertising opportunities to make the most of your campaign.

Mix Up Your Content

What’s certain to make a potential customer pass over your campaign? A giant wall of text. Humans are visual creatures, and thus require visually stimulating images and videos. Since customers are unable to touch and feel products before purchasing them from your website, it’s important to make sure that they can see themselves with whatever it is that you are selling.

Having only images or only videos would get boring either way, so we suggest that you mix up your content. Work in some blog posts over the length of your campaign, post various images that represent your promotion, and get some short videos that you can use throughout the promotion to really show off your product.

Manage Your Time

Don’t waste your time and marketing efforts by posting on your social media channels whenever you feel like it. Your marketing content should post at the best possible times for highest numbers of impressions and engagement. Not sure when the best time to post on Facebook is? What about Instagram? This post at CoSchedule tells you when the best times are to post on all of the major social media platforms for maximum exposure.

Finally, no marketing campaign should last forever. Stick with a timeline with a beginning and end, and move on to the next campaign upon completion.

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