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Reasons For Low Conversion Rates & How to Fix Them

Are you putting in a ton of effort into your eCommerce store, but can’t seem to make a sale? Running an eCommerce website is no easy feat. While you may think you’re doing everything right, you are likely in need of a few fixes to improve your conversion rate and sales. Let’s talk about some easy things to fix that can make a big difference.

Your Site Is Too Slow

Think about it – if you visit a website and it loads too slowly, you probably bounce instead of sticking around. Every second counts with site speed!

Not sure how fast your site loads? You can use the Bitcatcha Server Speed Checker to find out. Anything with a grade of a B+ or higher is where you want your site speed to be. If your site is not in that range, perhaps you need to put your pages on a “diet” with updated code and optimized images.

Poor Images & Product Descriptions

With online shopping, customers are unable to see, touch and feel your product in person to take a good look at it. Instead, they are relying on quality images along with an accurate product description. Your product images should display multiple views of the product, as well as provide unique detailed descriptions.

Mobile Optimization

eCommerce is moving more and more to mobile devices, as people are shopping on the go and filling gaps during their day by shopping online. If your online store has not been optimized for a mobile experience, your site will appear to be nothing but clutter and difficult to navigate to the average mobile user.

The Price Is Not Right

Instead of having to shop from store to store to compare prices, eCommerce customers can compare your pricing in a matter of seconds. Pricing is a tricky thing. When items are priced too low, customers may think that your product is of lesser quality. On the converse, if you price too high they’ll get the feeling you are trying to rip them off in some way.

With a little research and some trial and error, you can find that sweet spot in pricing. Once you achieve target pricing, you’ll be able to gain (and keep) the stream of customers flowing to your eCommerce store.

Hidden Fees

Customers will leave your site if there are hidden fees like high shipping rates or handling. The best course of action is to share the shipping fee up front upon product selection, and not wait until the very end.

The simplest solution to this issue is to provide a simple shipping rate calculator, which is technically easy to achieve and leaves no surprises at checkout.

Missing Call to Action

It’s up to you to tell your customer what to do when they visit your store. All non-product pages should use drive traffic to a specific call to action.

Successful eCommerce stores tell customers exactly what they should do. Never leave it up to the customer to decide (or guess) where to go or what to do next. By guiding your customer through your site, this will ensure they do what you want them to do – buy your products!

Lack of Inbound Marketing

What good is your eCommerce site full of amazing products if no one knows about it? Without targeted marketing, it will be next to impossible to achieve your sales goals – or even worse, not be able to stay in business at all. Developing your inbound marketing funnel will get you leads from organic and paid search, referral services, and social media.

Over time as your sales build up, reviews and testimonials from customers are another way to leverage inbound marketing with a positive impact on your sales.

Wrong Target

Even with paid and organic search campaigns up and running, along with social media management, your efforts will be wasted if you are targeting the wrong audience.

Targeting generic terms that may not be appealing to people looking to purchase your product is not helpful. And, once you have your target audience truly hammered out, the work is not done quite yet. A constant, ongoing review and tweak is going to be required to make the most out of your ad budget.

If at first you don’t succeed, try + tweak again!

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